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The BonusDrive
You offer the savings and your customers drive away happy with a cash back offer on qualifying vehicles from select manufacturers.

Participating manufacturers

$500 Cash Back*
$250 Cash Back*
$250 Cash Back*
$250 Cash Back*
$500 Cash Back*

Volvo purchases require trade-in or proof of ownership within the aplicant household of vehicle other than a Volvo

FCA purchases require trade-in or proof of ownership within the applicant household of a vehicle other than a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram or Fiat.

Purchases made with the Hyundai Circle program receives $100.

What is BonusDrive?

An exclusive program that agents can utilize to help their Nationwide customers save money. Nationwide customer(s), associates and their households can receive up to $500 from BonusDrive when they purchase or lease a qualifying new vehicle.

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What's in it for you?

Increase retention and customer loyalty by helping your Nationwide customer(s) earn cash back when purchasing or leasing select new vehicles. Over $3.5M has been paid to over 10,000 Nationwide customer(s) to date!

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What's the catch?

There is none. There is no cost to your agency. Cash back is provided by the auto manufacturer. Your Nationwide customers who purchase a qualifying vehicle and meet the manufacturer requirements above only need to apply within 60 days of purchase or lease.

Up to $500
cash back
What's in it
for you?

Benefits to the agent

Increase customer retention

BonusDrive applicants report being 40% more likely to renew than all other households.

Build customer loyalty

A significant increase in net promoter score among participants so customer(s) recommend your agency more often to friends and family.
Easy as

Why BonusDrive?

It's easy!


Tell your

BonusDrive is an exclusive reward program, available to your Nationwide customer(s).


Choose some
new wheels!

Your customer purchases or leases a new vehicle from a participating auto brand and your customer(s) can browse our selection of participating brands here.


Apply to get
cash back

Your policyholder applies online within 60 days and receives a check with their cash back in 8-10 weeks.

Cash back offers range between $250 and $500 depending on the vehicle you purchase or lease. Customer who used the Hyundai Circle program receive $100.

When speaking to customers about BonusDrive…

The Do's

  • Refer to Nationwide.BonusDrive.com for eligibility and program details
  • Understand that offer amounts and manufacturers may change over time
  • Discuss the program when a customer adds a new vehicle to their policy
  • Let customer know they must apply within 60 days of lease or purchase
  • Utilize the toll-free number for customer support: 1-800-608-5716

The Don'ts

  • Promise a customer they will qualify for the program or a specific dollar amount
  • Advise a customer on when to purchase a qualifying vehicle
  • Stand outside a dealership to advertise the program
  • Submit an application on a customer’s behalf
  • Attempt to answer questions you don’t know about the application process

Want to find out more?

Take a look at our Agent’s FAQ’s for any questions you have and more detailed information.
You can also visit Marketing Central and Hearsay to get the latest BonusDrive marketing content you can share with customers. If agents don’t already have a Hearsay account they will need to email Nationwide at social@nationwide.com.
Instructions to agents

The BonusDrive program is an incentive from the auto manufacturer that is designed to influence the buying process outside of the dealer transaction. Agents are encouraged to discuss the program with Nationwide members, but let them know that this is an incentive offered through the manufacturer, not the dealership. In no circumstance should the BonusDrive program be marketed with a dealer or used as an incentive during the insurance sales process.

Why BonusDrive?

Our customers drive away happy

Here's what some happy customers have to say about the Nationwide’s BonusDrive program!

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This special offer is not available to the general public. It is available only to households who are customer(s) and customers of select partners of BonusDrive.

Incentives apply only to the purchase or lease of new vehicles from participating auto manufacturers: Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram, Hyundai and Volvo. Any vehicle previously owned, titled or registered to another person or business, including the selling dealer, is ineligible. Vehicles must have 1,000 miles or less at the date of purchase. Limit five vehicles per household in any rolling 12 month period from the first application date. Offers apply to retail sales; commercial and fleet sales are excluded.

Applications must be entered within 60 days from date of purchase or lease. Any additional requests from BonusDrive for documentation must be submitted within 14 days of the first request. Any application not approved within 180 days from application date, for any reason or cause, automatically expires and payment will not be made. Approval is not guaranteed for any applicant.

*No insurance purchase or quote is required; the buyer or lessee need not be a Nationwide insurance policyholder to take advantage of this offer. BonusDrive is the administrator of this program, and rebates are provided by the vehicle manufacturers. Nationwide is not involved in or responsible for the administration of the program or the provision of BonusDrive benefits. BonusDrive eligibility does not guarantee or affect eligibility for Nationwide insurance products.

These incentives vary by manufacturer and are subject to change or cancellation without notice:

Hyundai purchases are eligible for a $500 cash incentive except for any vehicle purchased under the “Hyundai Circle” program in which the total award is $100. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram brands) are eligible for a $250 cash incentive except for Jeep Gladiators which are excluded from this offer. You must also provide documentation that you own or a traded-in a vehicle that is not a Fiat-Chrysler product (passenger cars and trucks only). Volvo purchases made on or after December 16th, 2019, are eligible for a $500 cash incentive. You must provide documentation that you own or traded-in a vehicle that is not a Volvo product (passenger cars and trucks only).

BonusDrive incentives are available only on vehicles sold through authorized dealers of the makes and models listed on this site within the 50 United States of America and the District of Columbia. U.S. territories are excluded. Void where prohibited. See Terms of Service for other program information.

California Residents: If you would like information about data we maintain on file for this program you can email us at info@bonusdrive.com or give us a call at 888-98-BONUS (26687).

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